Autism / Aspergers Syndrome. It is NOT just a man thing!

A Sidmouth mother speaks out about the shame of our services for females with an autistic spectrum condition. She says “it can be likened to a modern-day witch hunt.”

She says “the corruption I have witnessed is untenable and has to be seen to be
believed. The NICE guidelines and SEND laws set up to protect and safeguard these children are being disregarded and flouted by the medical profession and local authority who have outrageously obvious conflicts of interest – to have the responsibility of assessing, diagnosing then educating and supporting our precious children.”

Whilst Melanie understood how difficult things were for Rosie at school she was powerless to do much because she had been humiliated and incorrectly labelled a fabricator so the school felt it had the justification to ignore her concerns.

Read the full story on SWAY here and if it resonates please do share on
🙂 Thank you Melanie.


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